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QuarryBio provides complete epitope mapping and protein structural analysis for client samples.

QuarryBio will perform covalent labeling studies for your proteins in our own lab.

  • Samples of client proteins are sent to QuarryBio, where we perform the covalent labeling study and analyze the resulting mass spec data using our proprietary data analysis software.
  • Our proprietary data analysis software enables rapid generation of easy-to-read and actionable results, identifying specific regions and residues where DEPC labeling was impacted by the study conditions.
  • Results are summarized and delivered to the client.

Most studies are performed in 2 stages. To minimize upfront costs, stage 1 conditions must be successfully completed before starting stage 2:

  • Stage 1 ensures that the proteins can be adequately labeled by DEPC, and that there is no structural impact from DEPC labeling. Digestion conditions are also explored and optimized.
  • Stage 2 includes the actual performance of the DEPC labeling study, including subjecting samples to any binding interactions or stressed conditions.

Sample needs may vary depending on the nature of the proteins being studied, and the details of the study to be performed. However, most studies require less than a mg of each protein.

Precision Results From Your Epitope Mapping and Higher Order Structure Studies.

Diagram: DEPC labeling report

QuarryBio provides our clients with high resolution analyses that can facilitate the identification and understanding of epitopes and HOS changes on multiple levels.  Our process identifies peptides with the most significant changes in DEPC labeling (green), and the specific residues within the peptides that are directly impacted by labeling changes (red).  The impacted residues can then be visualized on 3-dimensional renderings of the proteins being studied.