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High resolution protein analysis
for day-to-day research needs

QuarryBio’s mission is to provide high resolution protein analysis for routine applications in biologic drug discovery, development, and manufacturing. Our unique mass spectrometry based covalent labeling method uses diethypyrocarbonate (DEPC) to identify epitopes and paratopes as well as changes in protein higher order structure (HOS). The chemical specificity and stability of the DEPC label allows for a simpler experimental design and workflow when compared to hydrogen deuterium exchange and hydroxyl radical labeling mass spectrometry. In addition, our proprietary data analysis software allows for rapid parallel processing of multiple samples, providing rapid turn-around of results in a simple to read format. These innovations have allowed QuarryBio to provide high resolution epitope/paratope mapping and HOS analysis at a fraction of the cost associated with other high resolution technologies, opening the door for routine applications once thought to be out of the realm of possibility for high resolution analyses.

Epitope mapping and higher order structure analysis
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Analytical Chemistry

See our recent publication in Analytical Chemistry describing the use of DEPC labeling to track structural changes in 3 proteins (β2m, IgG1, and HGH) after their exposure to thermal degradation conditions.
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